Dresses,Nine Box,Leopard Printed Shirt Dress

Leopard Printed Shirt Dress

A fun leopard printed shirt dress in shades of Light Pink and Blue. Small-Length-34.65 Bust-37.4" Waist-40.16" Hip-48.43" Medium- Length-35.43" Bust-38.98" Waist-41.73" Hip-50" Large- Length-36.22" Bust- 41.34" Waist- 44.09" Hip- 52.36" XL- Length-37" Bust-43.7" Waist-46.46" Hip-54.72"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Snake Skin Printed High Neck Dress

Snake Skin Printed High Neck Dress

A sexy high neck, snake-skin printed, long sleeve bodycon dress. X-Small- Length-29.92" Bust- 28.35" Waist-23.62" Hip- 28.35" Small- Length-30.31" Bust- 29.92" Waist-25.20" Hip- 29.92" Medium- Length- 30.71" Bust- 31.50" Waist-26.77" Hip- 31.50"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Navy and Blue Floral Long Sleeve Dress

Navy and Blue Floral Long Sleeve Dress

A cute Navy Blue and White floral printed, full sleeve short dress with an overlap hem. Small-Length-29.5/32.8" Bust-35.43" Waist-28.34-29.92", Hip-39.37" Medium-Length-29.92-32.67" Bust-37.01" Waist-29.92"-31.49" Hip-40.94" Large- Length-30.31" Bust-38.58" Waist-31.94-33" Hip-42.52" XL-30.7-33.46" Bust-40.16" Waist-33.07-34.64" Hip-44.09"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Black Tie-Wrap Full Sleeve Dress

Black Tie-Wrap Full Sleeve Dress

A cute, solid, full sleeve casual dress with a tie-wrap detail in front. Small-Length- 32.48" Bust- 38.19" Sleeve- 23.62" Medium- Length-32.95" Bust-40.16" Sleeve- 24.02" Large-Length- 33.43" Bust- 42.13" Sleeve- 24.41" XL-Length- 33.90" Bust- 44.09" Sleeve- 24.80"
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Tops,Nine Box,Tropical Print One Shoulder Top

Tropical Print One Shoulder Top

A cute tropical print one shoulder top with a drape detail at the hem. Small-Length- 19.29" Bust- 33.86" Sleeve- 11.81" Medium-Length- 19.69" Bust-35.43" Sleeve- 12.20" Large-Length- 20.08" Bust- 37.01" Sleeve-12.60" XL-Length- 20.47" Bust- 38.58" Sleeve-12.99"
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Tops,Nine Box,White High Neck Printed Top

White High Neck Printed Top

A classy high neck, long sleeve White printed top. Small-Length- 25.59" Bust- 34.65" Sleeve- 23.62" Waist- 34.65" Medium-Length- 25.98" Bust- 36.22" Sleeve- 24.02" Waist-36.22" Large-Length- 26.38" Bust- 37.80" Sleeve- 24.41" Waist- 37.80" XL-Length- 26.77" Bust- 39.37" Sleeve- 24.80" Waist-39.37"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Pink and White Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Dress

Pink and White Floral Ruffled Off Shoulder Dress

A cute Pink and White floral off shoulder dress with ruffle details at the shoulder. Small-Length- 30.71" Bust- 33.07" Waist- 26.77" Hip- 33.07" Medium-Length- 31.10" Bust- 34.65" Waist- 28.35" Hip- 34.65" Large-Length- 31.50" Bust- 36.22" Waist- 29.92" Hip- 36.22" XL-Length- 31.89" Bust- 37.80" Waist- 31.50" Hip- 37.80"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Black and White Plaid Sleeveless Blazer Dress

Black and White Plaid Sleeveless Blazer Dress

A cute Black and White plaid, sleeveless blazer dress with a belt. Small-Length- 31.10" Bust- 35.04" Shoulder- 13.39" Waist- 29.53" Medium-Length- 31.89" Bust- 36.61" Shoulder- 13.78" Waist- 31.10" Large-Length- 32.68" Bust- 38.19" Shoulder- 14.17" Waist- 32.68"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Lime Green Asymmetrical Shoulder Dress

Lime Green Asymmetrical Shoulder Dress

A trendy Lime Green, long sleeve dress with an asymmetrical shoulder. Small-Length- 29.92" Bust- 35.43" Waist-27.56" Hip- 37.01" Medium- Length-30.71"Bust- 37.01" Waist-29.13" Hip- 38.58" Large- Length-31.50" Bust- 38.58" Waist- 30.71" Hip- 40.16"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Black and White Contrast Long Sleeve Dress

Black and White Contrast Long Sleeve Dress

A trendy closed neck Black and White, long sleeve fitted dress. Small-Length- 33.46" Bust- 33.86" Waist- 26.77" Hip- 33.86" Medium- Length-33.86" Bust- 35.43" Waist- 28.35"  Hip-35.43" Large- Length- 34.25" Bust- 37.01" Waist-29.92" Hip- 37.01" XL-Length- 34.65" Bust-38.58" Waist-31.50" Hip- 38.58"
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