Dresses,Nine Box,White Flared Dress

White Flared Dress

We love easy-to-wear, cute dresses.Small-Length-33.5" Bust-35.4" Waist-36.2" Hips-55.5"Medium-Length-33.9" Bust-37" Waist-37.8" Hips-57.1"Large-Length-34.3" Bust-38.6" Waist-39.4" Hips-58.7"XL-Length-34.6" Bust-40.2" Waist-40.9" Hips-60.2"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Orange Flared Dress

Orange Flared Dress

We love cute, casual dresses that are easy to wear.
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Dresses,Nine Box,Floral Ruffled A-Line Dress

Floral Ruffled A-Line Dress

Time to take a twirl in this cute, floral print, ruffled A-line dress with dramatic sleeves and a wide neck.Small-Length-26.2" Bust-29.9-34.6" Waist-26-28" Hips-51.6"Medium-Length-26.6" Bust-31.9-36.2" Waist-28-29.9" Hips-53.5"Large-Length-27" Bust-33.9-38.2" Waist-29.9-32.3"Hips-55.5"
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Dresses,Nine Box,White Eyelet A-line Midi Dress

White Eyelet A-line Midi Dress

There's something about eyelet that makes everything around us seem pretty.Like this delicate white v neck, empire waist, flared, midi dress with a low back.Small-Length-46.9" Bust-34.6" Waist-26.8" Hips-44.9"Medium-Length-47.2" Bust-36.2" Waist-28.3" Hips-46.5"Large-Length-47.6"Bust-37.8" Waist-29.9" Hips-48"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Pink Off Shoulder Cut-Out Dress

Pink Off Shoulder Cut-Out Dress

Colour me Pink! This super stylish off shoulder, cut-out A-line dress features a fitted bust and cinched sleeves.XS-Length-25.6" Bust-27.2" Waist-27.6" Hips-45.7"Small-Length-26.4" Bust-28.7" Waist-29.1" Hips-47.2"Medium-Length-27.2" Bust-30.3" Waist-30.7" Hips-48.8"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Printed Midi Shirt Dress

Printed Midi Shirt Dress

Repeat after us, shirt dresses are always in.This chic, printed midi shirt dress features a knot detail at the waist for a more defined silhouette.Small-Length-48.8" Bust-37.8" Waist-31.5" hips-38.6"Medium-Length-49.2" Bust-39.4" Waist-34.6" Hips-40.2"Large-Length-49.6" Bust-40.9" Waist-34.6" Hips-41.7"XL-Length-50" Bust-42.5" Waist-36.2" Hips-43.3"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Cut-Out Floral Dress

Cut-Out Floral Dress

Music festival on your to-do list, no problem we've got you covered in this sexy black, cut-out long sleeve dress with bold floral print.Small-Length-33.5" Bust-34.6" Waist-27.6" Hips-36.2"Medium-Length-33.9" Bust-36.2" Waist-29.1" Hips-37.8"Large-Length-34.3" Bust-37.8" Waist-30.7" Hips-39.4"XL-Length-34.6" Bust-39.4" Waist-32.3" Hips-40.9"
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Tops,Nine Box,Ruffle Hem Floral Top

Ruffle Hem Floral Top

If flirty floral tops are your thing, than hit 'Add to cart' on this one. We've been crushing on this sweetheart neck, floral top with a cut-out, tie up back.Available in one-sizeLength-12.6" Bust-35.4" Waist-26.8-31.5"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Navy Blue Embroidered Flared Dress

Navy Blue Embroidered Flared Dress

Twirl into the sunset in this boho chic, navy blue, flared tunic dress with an embroidered yoke.Small- Length-49.2" Bust-37.8" Waist-25.2-29.1" Hips-66.1"Medium-Length-50" Bust-39.4" Waist-26.8-30.7" Hips-67.7"Large- Length-50.8" Bust-41.7" Waist-29.1-33.1" Hips-70.1"XL-Length-51.6" Bust-44.1" Waist-31.5-35.4"Hips-72.4"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Champagne Sequin Dress

Champagne Sequin Dress

Steal the limelight in this fitted, chic champagne sequin dress. Small- Bust-33.9" Waist-26" Hips-33.9" Length-39"
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