About Us

Nine Box is a young, hip fashion brand based out of Bangalore. Our aim is to be THE online shopping destination for accessible fashion. Sourced from L.A. New York, London and Hong Kong, we spend countless hours scouring our vendor catalogs to bring you the absolute best in global trends.

Our Story

Long before the rise of online shopping in India and the entry of global brands in our markets, shopping actually meant “shopping” where most times finding the right outfit when you needed it the most was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Enter our founder, Archana, who somewhere in 2006, discovered that online shopping from sites in the US and UK were the answer to most of her fashion problems. Endless hours spent shopping from these and the ensuing task of finding a willing party to bring the haul down led her to have an epiphany- starting an online store in India that ensures accessibility of global trends.

After stewing over the idea, sample buying from various vendors across the globe, Nine Box was born and was slowly ready to test the waters. Participating at several pop-ups in Bangalore gave us an opportunity to build a substantial client base. 

Nine Box was ready to make it official, and by 2013 we had both stores, our online and physical store, up and running and haven’t looked back since. We’re a young company, that’s growing and evolving but our ideology is the same- whether your style is glam, boho, preppy, rocker or all of them combined - it’s personal and you’ve gotta own it! So if it’s that statement necklace you have been eyeing or that skirt you absolutely adore, get out there and experiment. As your style evolves, we’ll hook you up with the clothes and accessories for the ride.