Dresses,Nine Box,White Ruffle Sleeve Flared Dress

White Ruffle Sleeve Flared Dress

A trendy White flared dress with ruffled short sleeves.Small-Length- 35.43" Bust- 33.86" Waist- 40.16" Medium-Length- 35.83" Bust- 35.43" Waist- 41.73" Large-Length- 36.22" Bust- 37.01" Waist- 43.31" XL-Length- 36.61" Bust- 38.58" Waist- 44.88"
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Jumpsuits,Nine Box,Red Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Red Wide Leg Jumpsuit

A solid Red wide leg, sleevless jumpsuit with side pockets and self-tie belt. Small-Length- 48.43" Bust- 33.86" Shoulder- 12.60" Waist- 29.92" Hip- 37.80" Medium-Length- 49.02" Bust- 35.43" Shoulder- 12.99" Waist- 31.50" Hip- 39.37" Large-Length- 49.61" Bust- 37.01"Shoulder- 13.39" Waist- 33.07"Hip- 40.94" XL-Length- 50.20" Bust- 38.58" Shoulder- 13.78" Waist- 34.65" Hip- 42.52"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Peach Floral Open Back Summer Dress

Peach Floral Open Back Summer Dress

A chic summer dress in Peach with a tropical floral pattern. The dress features an open back.Small-Length- 32.60" Bust- 34.65" Sleeve- 8.82" Waist- 37.01" Medium-Length- 33.07" Bust- 36.22" Sleeve- 9.06" Waist- 38.58" Large-Length- 33.54" Bust- 37.80" Sleeve- 9.29" Waist- 40.16" XL-Length- 34.02" Bust- 39.37" Sleeve- 9.53" Waist- 41.73"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Paisley Printed Ruffle Hem Maxi Skirt

Paisley Printed Ruffle Hem Maxi Skirt

A breezy paisley printed, ruffle hem, wrap around maxi skirt. Small-Length- 36.61" Waist- 26.77" Hip- 32.28" Medium-Length- 37.40" Waist- 28.35" Hip- 33.86" Large-Length- 38.19" Waist- 29.92" Hip- 35.43" XL-Length- 38.98" Waist- 31.50" Hip- 37.01"
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Tops,Nine Box,Glitter Halter Neck Cut-Out Crop Top

Glitter Halter Neck Cut-Out Crop Top

A sexy glitter halter, crop top with back cut-out detail. X-Small-Length-12.20" Bust- 25.20-27" Waist- 24.41" Small-Length-12.60" Bust- 26.77-28.5" Waist- 25.98" Medium-Length- 12.99" Bust- 28.35-32" Waist- 27.56"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Floral Sheath Dress with Contrast Straps

Floral Sheath Dress with Contrast Straps

A sexy floral sheath dress in shades of Pink and Red with contrast Black straps. Small-Length-22.05" Bust-28.34-32.28" Waist-24.4"-28.34" Hip-33.07-37" Medium-Length-22.83" Bust-29.92"-33.85" Waist-25.98"-29.92" Hip-34.64"-38.58"Large-Length-23.62" Bust-31.5"-35.43" Waist-27.55"-31.49" Hip-36.22"-40.15"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Double Zipper Black Studded Dress

Double Zipper Black Studded Dress

A sexy cami-strap Black dress with a double-zipper and stud detail. Small-Length- 49.21" Bust- 33.86" Waist- 29.92" Hip- 36.22" Medium-Length- 49.61" Bust- 35.43" Waist- 31.50" Hip- 37.80" Large-Length- 50.00" Bust- 37.01" Waist- 33.07" Hip- 39.37" XL-Length- 50.39" Bust- 38.58" Waist- 34.65" Hip- 40.94"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Blue and White Striped One Shoulder Midi Dress

Blue and White Striped One Shoulder Midi Dress

A chic, striped one-shoulder, flared midi dress with a tie-up detail. Small-Length- 46.46" Bust- 33.07" Waist- 28.35" Medium-Length- 46.85" Bust- 34.65" Waist- 29.92" Large-Length- 47.24" Bust- 36.22" Waist- 31.50" XL-Length- 47.64" Bust- 37.80" Waist- 33.07"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Black Leather Skirt with Gold Buttons

Black Leather Skirt with Gold Buttons

A chic, Black faux leather skirt with bold Gold buttons down the front. Small-Length- 16.93" Waist- 24.41" Hip- 34.65" Medium-Length- 17.72" Waist- 25.98" Hip- 36.22" Large- Length-18.50" Waist- 27.56" Hip- 37.80" XL-Length- 19.29" Waist- 29.13" Hip-39.37"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Pink Floral Ruffle Hem Dress

Pink Floral Ruffle Hem Dress

A pretty floral dress in Pale Pink with sheer, ruffled sleeves and a ruffle hem.Small-Length- 37.80Bust- 37.01" Waist-34.65" Medium-Length- 38.19" Bust- 38.58" Waist-36.22" Large-Length- 38.58" Bust- 40.16" Waist-37.80" XL-Length- 38.98" Bust- 42.52" Waist-40.16"
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Jumpsuits,Nine Box,Ivory Button-Down Jumpsuit

Ivory Button-Down Jumpsuit

A chic button-down, self-tie jumpsuit in Ivory. Small-Length- 52.36"Bust- 35.43" Waist-33.07" Hip- 37.80" Medium-Length- 53.15" Bust- 37.01" Waist-35.83 Hip- 39.37" Large-Length- 53.94" Bust- 39.37" Waist-38.19" Hip- 41.73" XL-Length- 54.72" Bust- 41.73" Waist-40.55" Hip- 44.09"
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Tops,Nine Box,Blue and White Floral Lantern Sleeve Top

Blue and White Floral Lantern Sleeve Top

A cute Blue and White Floral, lantern sleeve, wrap top. Small-Length- 22.44" Bust- 35.43" Sleeve- 15.16" Waist-33.86" Medium-Length- 22.83" Bust- 37.80" Sleeve- 15.35" Waist-36.22" Large-Length- 23.23" Bust- 40.16" Sleeve- 15.55" Waist-38.58" XL-Length- 23.62" Bust- 42.52"Sleeve- 15.75" Waist-39.76"
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Tops,Nine Box,Black Square Neck Puff Sleeve Crop Top

Black Square Neck Puff Sleeve Crop Top

A cute Black square neck, fitted crop top with puff sleeves. Small-Length-10.83" Bust-23.34-34.65", Waist-24-27.5" Medium-Length-11.22" Bust-30"-36", Waist-24.5-29"Large- Length-11.61" Bust-31.5"-37.79" Waist-34.6-30.7"
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Tops,Nine Box,Leopard Print Sheer Bodysuit

Leopard Print Sheer Bodysuit

A sexy sheer Black bodysuit with leopard print. X-Small-Length- 21.26" Bust- 29.1/33.07" 24-25"Small-Length- 21.65" Bust- 33.34.5" Waist-25-26.5"Medium-Length- 22.05" Bust-34-36.5" Waist-26.5-28"
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Dresses,Nine Box,Burugundy Button Down Midi Dress

Burugundy Button Down Midi Dress

A chic, Maroon belted, button down, midi summer dress with front pockets. Small-Length- 42.52" Bust- 33.07" Waist- 27.56" Medium-Length- 43.31" Bust- 34.65" Waist- 29.13" Large-Length- 44.09" Bust- 37.01" Waist- 31.50" XL-Length- 44.88" Bust- 39.37" Waist- 33.86"
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One-Pieces,Nine Box,Black Cut-Out Swimsuit

Black Cut-Out Swimsuit

A sexy deep neck, cut-out Black swimsuit Small- Bust- 86/89cm Waist- 66/68cm Hip- 92/95cm Medium-Bust- 92/94cm Waist- 72/74cm Hip- 97/100cm Large-Bust- 98/102c Waist- 77/82c Hip- 104/107cm XL-Bust- 106/110cm Waist- 85/88cm Hip- 111/115cm
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One-Pieces,Nine Box,Tropical Print Cut-Out Swimsuit

Tropical Print Cut-Out Swimsuit

A sexy deep neck, cut-out two-tone, tropical print and Forest Green swimsuit. Small-Bust- 86/89cm Waist- 66/68cm Hip- 92/95cm Medium-Bust- 92/94cm Waist- 72/74cm Hip- 97/100cm Large-Bust- 98/102cm Waist-77/82cm Hip 104/107 XL-Bust- 106/110cm Waist- 85/88cm Hip 111/115cm
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One-Pieces,Nine Box,Black Ruffled Lace Up Back Swimsuit

Black Ruffled Lace Up Back Swimsuit

A cute ruffled lace-up back and shoulder Black one piece swimsuit. XS- Length-24.02" Bust- 58-78cm Waist- 72-76cmSmall-Length- 24.80" Bust- 62-82cm Waist- 76-80cmMedium-Length- 25.59" Bust-66-86 Waist- 80-84 Large-Length- 26.38" Bust- 70-90cm Waist- 84-88cm
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One-Pieces,Nine Box,Orange Belted One Piece Swimsuit

Orange Belted One Piece Swimsuit

A sexy Orange belted one piece swimsuit. XS - Cup Size-A-B Bust- 72/80cm Waist- 60/66cm  Hip- 78/85cm Small- Cup Size- B-C Bust-80/88cm Waist- 64/70cm Hip- 85/91cmMedium- Cup Size- C-D/E Bust- 88/95cm Waist- 68/74cm Hip- 91/97cm
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Shoes,Nine Box,Sea Shell T Strap Black Flats

Sea Shell T Strap Black Flats

A pair of vacation ready sea-shell, braided, T-strap flat sandals.Available in sizes 35-40.
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