Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Blue and White Floral Print Wrap Skirt

Blue and White Floral Print Wrap Skirt

A chic Blue and White, floral printed, midi, wrap skirt XS -Length-33.07" Waist- 25.20" Small-Length- 33.46" Waist- 26.77" Medium-Length- 33.86" Waist- 28.35" Large-Length- 34.25" Waist- 29.92"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Tan Button Down Skirt

Tan Button Down Skirt

Stay chic in this tan pencil skirt with asymmetrical, button-down detail.Small- Length-16.9" Waist-26.8" Hip-35.4"Medium-Length-17.3" Waist-28.3" Hip-37"Large-Length-17.9" Waist-30.7" Hip-39.4"XL-Length-18.5" Waist-33.1" Hip-41.7"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Paisley Print Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

Paisley Print Asymmetrical Ruffle Skirt

A chic navy blue, paisley print, asymmetrical skirt with a ruffle hem detail.Small-Length-31.9" Waist-25.6-40.2" Hip-44.1"Medium-Length-32.3" Waist-27.2-40.2" Hip-45.7"Large-Length-32.9" Waist-29.5-44.1" Hip-48"XL- Length-33.5" Waist-31.9-46.5" Hip-50.4"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Black and White Leopard Print Ruffle Skirt

Black and White Leopard Print Ruffle Skirt

A cute ruffled, black and white leopard print, mini skirt.Small- Length-18.1" Waist-25.2-33.1" Hip-45.3"Medium-Length-18.5" Waist-26.4-34.3" Hip-46.9"Large-Length-18.9" Waist-27.6-35.4" Hip-48.4
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Button Down A-Line Skirt

Button Down A-Line Skirt

A cute, button-down, mini skirt in Apricot.Small-Length-16.1" Waist-26.8" Hip-36.2"Medium-Length-16.5" Waist-28.3" Hip-37.8"Large-Length-16.9" Waist-29.9" Hip-39.4"XL-Length-17.3" Waist-31.5" Hip-40.9"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Colour-Block Skirt

Colour-Block Skirt

A chic color-block, midi skirt and pink and yellow.Small- Length-30.7" Waist-27.6" Hip-37.8"Medium-Length-31.5" Waist-29.1" Hip-39.4"Large-Length-32.3" Waist-31.5" Hip-41.7"XL-Length-33.1" Waist-33.9" Hip-44.1"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Brown Belted Faux Leather Shorts

Brown Belted Faux Leather Shorts

A pair of brown, belted shorts in faux leather.Small-Length-14.6" Waist-26.8" Hip-34.6-37.8"Medium-Length-15" Waist-28.3" Hip-36.2-39.4"Large-Length-15.4" Waist-29.9" Hip-37.8"-40.9"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Leopard Print Skirt

Leopard Print Skirt

A trendy leopard print, short skirt with buttons on the side.X-Small- Length-15.9" Waist-25.6" Hip-35.4"Small-Length-16.3" Waist-27.2" Hip-37"Medium-Length-16.7" Waist-28.7" Hip-38.6"Large-Length-17.3" Waist-31.1" Hip-40.9"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Floral Printed Wrap Skirt

Floral Printed Wrap Skirt

A cute floral print, wrap skirt in Pink. Available in Small-Medium-Length- 28.74" Waist- 38.98" Hip- 37.40" 
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Black Sequin Shorts

Black Sequin Shorts

A pair of stylish button front, Black sequin shorts. Small- Waist-27-28"Medium-Waist-28-30"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,A Line Faux Leather Skirt

A Line Faux Leather Skirt

A chic A-line, short faux leather skirt. X-Small-Length- 15.94" Waist- 26.77" Hip- 35.43"Small-Length- 16.34" Waist- 28.35" Hip- 37.01"Medium-Length- 16.93" Waist- 30.71" Hip- 39.37"Large-Length- 17.52" Waist- 33.07" Hip- 41.73"
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Skirts/Bottoms,Nine Box,Blue Colorblock Pleated Skirt

Blue Colorblock Pleated Skirt

An accordion pleated, colorblock midi skirt in Blue. Available in one size that fits a Small-Medium. Length is 71cm and waist is 60-80cm.
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Jumpsuits/Skirts,Nine Box,Black Sequin Leggings

Black Sequin Leggings

Stretchy sequin leggings with lining
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Jumpsuits/Skirts,Nine Box,Candy Floss Midi Skirt

Candy Floss Midi Skirt

Twist and turn in this A-line pleated midi skirt in pale Pink. Polyester. Imported.
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Jumpsuits/Skirts,Nine Box,Flower Power Printed Skirt

Flower Power Printed Skirt

Embrace flower power this cute pleated floral mini in Polyester. It features a side zipper. Imported.
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Jumpsuits/Skirts,Nine Box,The Blogger Skater Skirt in Fluorescent Green

The Blogger Skater Skirt in Fluorescent Green

Trending all over Pinterest and fashion blogs this Fluorescent Green Skater skirt what you've got to have right now! A blend of cotton and polyester, the skirt features crisp box pleats topped by a fitted waist. Imported. Measurements mentioned below.
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